About STIC


The backbone of STIC Ltd was born out of the military careers of our senior management team, with decades of service in hostile environments our combined operations skill sets are exponentially suited to dealing with crisis, disaster or civil unrest. A global pandemic has all the elements our team are trained to operate within symbiotically with the government crisis management departments.


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Over the past two years the chairman has been developing with his partner a body worn device (Bracelet or part of your watch) which monitors the bodies vital signs and produces data to ensure any irregularities  in your  body function is given as an alert long before the wearer notices any signs of illness diabetes's, stroke or heart attack, this technology has now been converted to include monitoring for signs of COVID-19 and can provide warnings of symptoms which inform you your Doctor, healthcare practitioners and emergency  responders as to the potential threat  of you  having COVID-19. With A.I and Augmented reality integration our product is robust and invaluable in today’s market. 

As the Pandemic took hold our team have re-engineered their skillsets to create a logistics network worldwide, we are providing medical  apparatus and PPE to assist in the struggle to control the disease.


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Having recognised the requirement for diverse global supply stability of PPE our team have developed lasting working relationships with production facilities worldwide,   We do not depend on any particular continent and our goal is to secure deliverable products with recognised and verified certification to the end user with minimal interruption of business for the front line services. We are developing a UK manufacturing strategy which ensures the viability of a secure supply chain in the UK. This is a work in progress and we will update buyers as we evolve the solution. 

The STIC Team

Ronnie Dunnett

Chairman & 
Managing Director

Ronnie has run a number of successful start-up business ventures further to his career in the UK Forces. He is a founding partner of STIC Ltd. He has consulted to the board of directors of companies such as Vickers Plc, Warner Bros, and Rolls Royce on corporate security when events threaten to damage the stock market evaluation.

Simon A. Lee

Chief Commercial
Officer | USA

Simon is Chief Commercial Officer, USA. He brings more than 35 years of healthcare-related sales, marketing, and solution-selling experience.  He’s held senior-level executive roles in business development, built successful value-added reseller channels, OEM channels and has extensive biosciences and healthcare information technology background. Simon immigrated to the US from the UK where he served for eight years in the Royal Navy.